Our aim is to build a community of like-minded change makers and collaborators.

We connect inspired creatives to causes that matter, working together to disrupt and challenge preconceived notions of perfection.

If you want to use creative thinking as a force for good, get in touch.

Sourcing cast offs at Traid HQ.

Hand painting one offs at Duchess China.

Giving a talk at Hub Dot.

Brands we have collaborated with:


Every piece we sell makes a donation to Young Minds, a charity working towards a future where all young minds are supported and empowered, whatever their challenges.

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We worked with Anthropologie UK to launch our brand and our first collection at their Kings Road store in London. Our community then started to grow. And is still growing.

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Working with Hub Dot enabled us to tell our story for the first time. And in front of a 100 plus people. We worked together to create a narrative that would evoke meaningful and ongoing conversations.

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Each item of clothing we have sourced and selected thanks to our ongoing partnership with Traid. Enabling us to repurpose casts offs into one offs. Twisting them in new directions and sending powerful messages.

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We used surplus seconds ceramics that were destined for landfill, and discarded vintage decals to create one of a kind hand painted pieces. Giving new life to ‘imperfect’ pieces for our homeware collection.

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